TasteTV, producer of Chocolate Television and the International & Luxury Chocolate Salons, has teamed with Crushpad to create the very first wine specifically designed to go pair well with chocolate: CHOCOLATE SEIZURE 2008.

The design team for this one of a kind boutique wine consists of TasteTV, Crushpad winemakers, a panel of top artisan chocolatiers and food & wine journalists, and you – the chocolate lovers — who will jointly decide on the flavor components that should be blended into the first chocolatiers cult wine:

“Domaine de Taste Amerique: Chocolate Seizure 2008.”

Chocolatiers include artisans such as:
– Coco Delice
– Jade Chocolates
– Cosmic Chocolate
– Schoggi
– The TeaRoom Chocolates
– Saratoga Chocolates
– Amano Artisan Chocolate
– NEWTREE America

The $40 cover price will include panel participation, chocolate & wine tasting, and a future reserved bottle when it’s ready of this Limited Edition boutique cult red wine: Chocolate Seizure 2008.

Tickets can be purchased at www.ChocolateSeizure.com

TasteTV Events include:

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