What are the Holidays without chocolate? They’re not quite the Holidays, are they?

Holiday chocolate sales are some of the largest throughout the year, and this is because everyone wants some for their celebrations and festivities. That’s why it’s time to have a national day for holiday chocolates.


Join us on November 20, the third Sunday of the month, in celebrating the first annual National Holiday Chocolate Day.

This new national day of celebration will be launched at the Fall Holiday Chocolate Salon in San Francisco.

Chocolate lovers throughout Northern California, and throughout North America, will be able to treat themselves on the 20th in the knowledge that they are bringing about a new reason to eat delicious chocolate. (Twitter & Instagram hashtags: #NationalHolidayChocolateDay )

Holiday Chocolate Fun Facts and History

  • The period between Halloween and Christmas has the largest amount of chocolate sales in North America and England, with Easter following in second.
  • Switzerland is the country that eats the most chocolate annually, at 22 pounds per person, with Americans only eating around 10
  • Holiday Chocolate spending is rising, with American’s spending well over $23 USD on candy just for Halloween
  • In 2015, consumers spent $1 billion on chocolate candy during the Christmas season (source: Mars Chocolates / Nielsen)
  • More consumers purchase chocolate candy for Christmas than for any other holiday (source: Mars Chocolates / Beacon 2)
  • When Columbus arrived in America, Europeans had no idea that Chocolate even existed
  • Dark chocolate is good for your circulation, heart and mind (not to mention, your emotional well-being)
  • Artisan chocolates and confections are now some of the most popular chocolate creations in demand for the Holidays